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"Ngil cennin firiel vi
Menel aduial.
Dûr, dûr i fuin
Naenol mae.
An i ú nathant
An i naun ului
A chuil, anann cuiannen
A meleth perónen."
-The Grace of Undomiel
I swear, we have the best Mom ever.

Out of nowhere, she texted us, saying that she had ordered a Kyuhyun wall-scroll for me and an Eunhyuk one for Lexi—made of cloth.

At first we were:

And then it escalated:




She said that since I was started college in 2 weeks and Lexi is starting High School Thursday of this week, she wanted to get us something to say that she was proud of us. 

I’m gonna go cry now, okay. brb.

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